Thursday, February 5, 2015


Rum is probably the most widely produced spirit in the world.  It is produced on every continent except Antarctica.  Some of the best rums come from the Caribbean.  Folks from about a dozen boats gathered at Biminni Blue Water Marina to pay homage to this noble brew and to taste some examples.  We had rums from Jamaica (Appleton Estate), Haiti (Barbancourt 3 star), Nicaragua (Flor de Caûa), Barbados (Mt Gay Eclipse and Mt Gay Black Barrel), BVIs (Pussers), Guatemala (Zacapa) and Trinidad (Zaya).  A very nice selection.  Notably and thankfully absent from the selection was Bacardi’s.

Predictably, nearly every rum was considered good, some better than others.  Both Mt Gays garnered much approval.  The first rum tasted, Barbancourt, was well received initially.  It lost out to Appleton which in turn lost to the Eclipse.  Pusser’s received a resounding “No!”  In the end, the choice came down to Zaya and Zacapa.  Both were considered fine sipping rums.  Some felt that Zaya would be best enjoyed as a pre-prandial drink and Zacapa as a post prandial. Both were deemed best of the crop but Zacapa outplaced Zaya by a healthy margin.

Keep posted to the wanderings of s/v “Now or Never” ( for future tastings and other adventures.

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Sharon Reiter said...

Peter, I look forward to the day, when you will be able to offer your opinion of Cuban rum. After drinking some back in 1990, I wondered how Bacardi's stayed on American shelves! ALL GOOD TO YOU, MY FRIEND. It's COLD here in Tennessee. :D