Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ahhh! Back Home!

Ahhhhh. . . We arrived home to Springtime in Kentucky! As we drove North from Brunswick, GA trees and such weren’t quite as green but the picture that greeted us upon driving up into our yard was SUPER!!!! (see the sunset the night we got home)
Next day our second best sight was Lovely Lucette, our 110# wonderful Great Pyrenees.
The wonderful lady, Faye ,( who runs the local “Doggy Spa” (Doggy Days and Cat Nap Acres, outside Glasgow, KY we highly recommend her care for loved pets) keeps Lucette whilst we are gone. Seems our pooch (she was a rescue) is just a sweetie and everybody loves her. Our third and really most important best sight will be Saturday when our #1 and only best loved son will come for lunch for his (Friday) birthday!!! He, too, is a sweetie. I can’t believe he’s so grown up in many ways: he is 6’4”, looks wonderful in anything clothes-wise, (ladies, eat your heart out!!) is erudite and charming. Ok, just Mom talking. But truly can’t wait to see him! So, we are home! I want to thank all our family (especially my cousin, Walter from Alberta, Canada) and friends (esp.Kathy Jeidy, stateside) for keeping in touch even just a hi. Although we had a wonderful winter in tropical paradise, it does get just a bit lonesome so a word or two from home is always welcome after 3 ½ months away. And thank you to our neighbors, Martha and her son Josh for checking on the house while we were away. Thanks to everyone.

Guess this is it for the first part of 2009. Don’t know where or when our next adventure will be. Peter and I have always said that our 36 years of marriage has been one adventure after another. So we are looking forward to our next adventure together. Ciao and happy spring to all . . .

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Cookie Parker said...

I am quite sure there will be more lovely adventures. LOVE that dog. So pretty.